Keep Funding 15 Hours

In late May 2016 ELAA launched its Keep Funding 15 Hours Campaign.


  • raise awareness of the benefits to children and society provided by a minimum of 15 hours a week of quality preschool in the year before school
  • inform the Australian Government that all Australians benefit economically and socially from continued Commonwealth funding of 15 hours
  • compel the Australian Government to continue the Commonwealth portion (5 hours) of the funding under the National Partnership Agreement for Early Childhood Education.


The Keep Funding 15 Hours Campaign included ELAA member communications, social media, video vox pops and advocacy through thought leadership groups such as ELAA’s CEO’s Group to both State and Federal levels of government.

ELAA members were also provided with a Campaign Kit (see PDF below) that included templates and tools with which to communicate to parents, media and politicians. This included access to an online petition to the Federal Minister for Education and Training which garnered over 3500 registrations.


In May 2017 (just prior to the Federal Budget) the Minister for Education and Training, Senator Simon Birmingham, announced an extension of the Commonwealth portion of the funding to the end of 2018. The Minister indicated that he will continue to talk with the States and Territories about how funding can be guaranteed beyond 2018 and ELAA will be proactive in contributing to those discussions, with the aim of resolving the uncertainly over this issue once-and-for-all.

KF15H Campaign Kit