Our Advocacy

ELAA’s advocacy program contributes to improved outcomes for children, early childhood services and parents.

ELAA represents the interests of parents, independent kindergartens and Early Years Managers (formerly known as kindergarten cluster managers), and other early childhood education and care services, in its advocacy for a strong and viable early childhood sector.

Our 10-year vision for excellence in early childhood education outlined in our Strategic Plan (2017 – 2027) drives our advocacy activities including:


ELAA initiates and supports campaigns to progress our vision for excellence in early childhood education. Examples include:

Early Learning – We Are Counting On You we want to ensure our state and federal political leaders understand the value of quality, play-based early childhood education and care to families, communities and the nation and commit to specific actions.

A Fair and Smart Australia – despite the overwhelming evidence of the benefits of two years of preschool, Australia lags well behind other countries in its investment in the early years. As a society we each have a responsibility to ensure that the benefits of two years of preschool become a reality.

Early Learning Everyone Benefits – ELAA is a lead partner in this national campaign to raise public awareness of the benefits of investing in early learning for Australia’s future prosperity.

Keep Funding 15 Hours – launched by ELAA in May 2016, this rolling campaign sought a commitment from the Federal Government to continue funding the Federal component of the 15 hours funded preschool currently available to Australian children in four-year-old kindergarten. Campaign resources include fact sheets; tools for writing to the media and government; and an online petition. The Federal Government has extended this funding to the end of 2019 pending further discussion with the states re a longer-term funding solution.


ELAA makes submissions to key inquiries and State and Federal budget processes. Examples include:

Advisory and reference groups

ELAA establishes advisory and reference groups in areas such as industrial relations and for early years managers to inform its advocacy and support members’ in their work.

Consultations and surveys

Surveys and consultations with members and other stakeholders inform our submissions and campaigns.

Relationships with thought leaders, and academia

To inform our social policy research and analysis, ELAA engages with academics and other thought leaders.

State and Federal government forums

ELAA participates in forums on early childhood policy and broader social reforms and their implementation.

Commentary in the media

ELAA represents the views of its members and contemporary early learning sector thinking to the media through media releases and direct commentary