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Module Outline

These modules will assist in the ongoing management and development of all employees in an early childhood education and care service. Funded by the Department of Education and Training (DET) and developed by ELAA, each module draws from the information and tools provided in the Employee Management & Development (EM&D) Resource.

We encourage everyone who performs an employee management role within your organisation to complete each module.

Once you’ve completed these modules, you will be able to implement or update a process to:

  • manage a systematic EM&D process based on best practice that is tailored to your service
  • strengthen the skills, capabilities and performance outcomes of your employees
  • improve your ability to support employee performance and professional development, and\
  • increase your knowledge of employee management and development in the context of the early childhood sector.

What are the module topics in the Employee Management & Development Online Modules?

Topics covered include:

  1. Introduction: what EM&D is, how it benefits us and what an effective process looks like.
  2. Proposed steps of EM&D: outlines the proposed steps of the EM&D process.
  3. New employees: orientation & probation: includes information and activities that are essential to the success of an employee over the course of their employment.
  4. Performance evaluation and development planning: details the important aspects of performance development planning and formal evaluation processes.

Upon completion of the modules, a certificate is downloadable from the top left menu. If you complete the course on the same computer, your progress is saved and certificate can be unlocked (you must view the ‘Key points to remember’ in each module).