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Contributing to EarlyTalk: Blog guidelines

EarlyTalk is Australia’s latest blog on early childhood – with articles from policy makers, academics, experts and leaders and early childhood practitioners.

ELAA is on the lookout for quality articles on early childhood research, policy and practice. We can’t promise to publish everything but we will read everything. If you do not hear back from us within 72 hours, please assume that we will be passing on publishing the article.   We do accept articles that have been published elsewhere or link to other publications. In fact, the blog is great way to publicize great projects in the early childhood sector.

Posts to our blog are intended to encourage exchange of ideas and views among the various stakeholders in the early childhood and early learning landscapre

ELAA does not endorse views of the authors of articles on EarlyTalk. We encourage contributors facilitate ideas and discussion and for educators and parents to share their own experiences.

While we encourage participation in our blogs, please ensure that you are respectful of others views. Differing opinions are welcome, but if you use offensive language or personal attacks, ELAA reserves the right to bar you from this site and delete your contributions or comments. ELAA will not tolerate or condone abuse towards writers, commentators or our publishing team. Constructive commentary and positive engagement is always welcome, but should you wish to comment anonymously, please use ‘Guest’ and use the email

ELAA & EarlyTalk do not take any responsibility for the views and opinions of our contributors.

Note to Contributors

Opinion pieces and blogs must aim to initiate and inform public debate. ELAA would like to see a healthy and productive discussion among the early learning community, sharing of best practice and advocating for quality outcomes for early learners.

ELAA does not take responsibility for the opinions or facts presented by non-ELAA writers. We encourage you to fact check your work thoroughly and include references where appropriate. ELAA reserves the right to edit submitted content to either read appropriately or fit within our guidelines. ELAA also encourages you to cite the work of others that you have quoted or utilised in your article.

  • Word limit: 500 words or less, ELAA will accept longer blogs if the subject demands it. We reserve the right to edit to reduce length of blog. We will seek author sign off, before publishing an edited blog.
  • Format:  ELAA will accept submissions in word format or in the body of an email. HTML coding and PDF’s will not be entertained
  • Please ensure you supply hyperlinks to other material or sites you have referred to in your article.
  • We require at least one image per blog post. Please send images and any required permissions or right to use of photography with your submission. Please ensure that photos are of reasonable quality and include the source of the image.
  • We require a short biography from all writers. Please include a 100-150 word bio and a photo of yourself which is at least 400 pixels wide (preferably a jpeg).
  • Please provide any website, twitter or blog details that you wish to promote with your blog piece for inclusion.

To submit your article or contact us, please email