28 AugWIN NEWS – Gippsland featuring ‘Starting Out Safely’ Road Safety Education Program

Posted on 28 Aug 2018

WIN NEWS – Gippsland featured a story on the ‘Starting Out Safely’ Road Safety Education Program today. View the story here

The story featured a ‘Starting Out Safely’ incursion for funded kindergarten children – The ThingleToodle education session and talked about the benefits of the program in the context of road accident statistics.

‘Starting Out Safely’ education sessions are part of the ‘Starting Out Safely’  program which is delivered by ELAA on behalf of VicRoads. The education sessions are available for services where teachers have competency in the ‘Starting Out Safely’ free professional development offered through the program.

‘Starting Out Safely’ is the the only road safety education professional development program in Australia developed in line with the NQS and delivered by early childhood educators.

For further information about the ‘Starting Out Safely’ Program contact Early Learning Association Australia (ELAA) on 03 9489 3500 or go to www.childroadsafety.org.au

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