24 AugAre you aware of the changes regarding gastroenteritis outbreaks and exclusion periods?

Posted on 24 Aug 2021

In March this year, the Department of Health and Humans Services [DHHS] updated the exclusion period for gastroenteritis.  The updated guidance requires infants, children, or staff in an early childhood service, who develop vomiting or diarrhoea to stay at home until at least 48 hours after their symptoms have stopped.

Guidance from DHHS is to use the exclusion table as per Schedule 7 of the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019 where one child is unwell. When more children are presenting with gastro illness or parents advising of illness, the 48-hour exclusion time frame applies and notification to the department that you may have a gastro outbreak at your service is required.

For further information reading the update please CLICK HERE

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