19 NovCongratulations to our 2019 Volunteer of the Year

Posted on 19 Nov 2019

Congratulations to Liz Jowett, from ELAA member service – Chelsea Kindergarten, on being named the 2019 McArthur Early Childhood Volunteer of the Year.

2019 McArthur Early Childhood Volunteer of the Year Award – Liz Jowett and her two boys.

Liz was selected from a wide field of nominees – all of who had contributed significantly to the success of their respective early learning services through volunteering their time, expertise, and desire to see children learning and growing in the best possible environment.

Liz’s contribution to the life of Chelsea Kindergarten has been remarkable. She initially joined the Committee to take on the publicity portfolio. She has effectively publicised major enrolment and fundraising events at the kinder through everything from social media to ‘old school’ letter boxing of pamphlets. When the kinder’s website unexpectedly crashed (with all files lost) Liz had a temporary site up in days and a whole new website operating within a month.

She has since gone on to take on the President’s role while, at different times, covering for the Publicity Officer, Fundraising Officer, and Grants Officer. Sadly, the service’s Vice President – Bec – passed away during this year and Liz not only took on the Vice President’s duties but lead the Committee in a fundraising and support campaign to assist Bec’s family which included approaches to the local council, media, and resulted in a huge response from the kinder and local community.

Congratulations Liz on your well-deserved award.

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