14 DecData security and COVID 19: Tips for Keeping Your Business Safe

Posted on 14 Dec 2020


While COVID-19 is capturing attention around the world, cybercriminals are capitalising on the public’s desire to learn more about the outbreak. In Australia, the Australia Cyber Security Centre has reported an increase in phishing scams that attempt to steal personal information or to infect your devices with malware, and ads that peddle false information or scam products.

For instance, a recent example shared by the Australia Cyber Security Centre, showed a SMS phishing campaign where the fraudulent text messages appeared on recipients’ phones directly below previous, legitimate messages from myGov.

While you may be busy navigating all of the other challenges of COVID-19, it’s important that data protection remains a high priority.

Here are 5 ways to protect your organisation and employees against phishing emails:
1. Check the sender’s details – does the email address after the ‘@’ symbol in the ‘From’ line look legitimate?
2. Communicate via secure channels – do not respond to requests for information via phone or SMS.
3. Delete emails from unfamiliar sources containing links or attachments — do not click on the links, as they could be embedded with malware.
4. Seek information from official sources – social media ads can spread coronavirus conspiracies and fake cures.
5. Visit reputable websites – ones like Australian Department of Health or the World Health Organization.

Download our data security infographic to help keep your employees informed and secure.

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