06 DecMissing out on kinder because your mum’s sick just shouldn’t happen

Posted on 06 Dec 2019

Having a sick mum is bad enough but missing out on kinder because she’s sick just shouldn’t happen. Giving to the Early Childhood Education Foundation will make a huge difference in the lives of children like Sian*

Giving to the Early Childhood Education Foundation has helped children like Sian*…

Sian’s mother suffered from extreme illness during a recent pregnancy and was frequently admitted into hospital and was on bed rest for the remaining pregnancy. Her father took on the carer role and reduced the hours of work as a result. Sian’s parents could not afford her kindergarten fees while experiencing this financial difficulty. Sian was showing signs of trauma as a result of seeing her mother unwell and was a child at risk. Attending kinder was important to her social and emotional well-being, particularly as she transitioned to school. *not pictured and name changed to protect child’s privacy.


Early Childhood Education Foundation:

The Early Childhood Education Foundation has been helping families with out-of-pocket kindergarten fees over the past 22 years. The Foundation strives to:

  • ensure that children from families experiencing financial difficulties aren’t denied opportunities to realise their potential because they missed out on development opportunities such as funded kindergarten programs
  • develop a program where contributions from donors such as the community, kindergarten services, other organisations and the corporate sector support its mission.

Please consider donating to the Foundation

The ECEF contributes approximately $380 per term to a recipient’s kindergarten fees allowing a child to attend at little or no cost. To find out more or MAKE A DONATION click here 

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