05 MayNational Road Safety Week 2021 is 16 – 23 May

Posted on 05 May 2021

Every year, the number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads remains far too high, with 1,200 deaths and 44,000 serious injuries annually with a Road Trauma cost to the Australian economy of more than $30 billion. National Road Safety Week (NRSW) throws a spotlight on the collective and vital work to save lives (including pre-school aged children) and injuries on our roads  This year’s NRSW has a daily theme:

Day 1: 16 May 2021 is the launch of NRSW and focuses on remembering the 1200 lives lost on our roads each year. REGISTER FOR THE LIVE LAUNCH

Day 2: 17 May – Protecting every life – care for vulnerable road users. ***This will be of particular interest to early childhood education and care services so keep a close eye on the NRSW website for information about activities for this day. Services are also encouraged to check out the road safety education resources and information on ELAA’s Starting Out Safely new website https://childroadsafety.org.au/ ***

Day 3: 18 May – Take the Pledge – lead the way. Lead the pledge to drive so others survive. It only takes one click.

Day 4: 19 May – Move over – slow down. Protect those that protect us by slowing down and giving the space they need to stay safe.

Day 5: 20 May – Save Lives – slow down. Reflecting the UN Road Safety Week theme “Speed”.

Day 6: 21 May – Regional communities count. Drive so o0thers survive in the country and city.

Day 7: 22 May – Share the road. Give cyclists and motorcyclists the space they need.

Day 8: 23 May – Arrive home safe. #GetHomeSafe for your loved ones

For full details on National Road Safety Week go to roadsafetyweek.com.au

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