23 AugNew COVID update from Vic DET including clarification on number of parents required to hold authorised worker permit

Posted on 23 Aug 2021

Following the announcement from the Victorian Government over the weekend regarding changes to access to Early Childhood and Care (ECEC) services plus increased restrictions for regional Victoria, the Department of Education and Training (Vic DET) has issued a comprehensive update to providers.

The Vic DET advice confirms ECEC services in Victoria are permitted to remain open only for the children of ‘authorised’ workers and those children deemed vulnerable.

If you have not seen the Vic DET update ELAA recommends you read it in full by CLICKING HERE.

Important update re authorised worker permits
We draw your attention to the updated advice in the Vic DET information regarding authorised workers, specifically the advice regarding how many parents/carers in a family need to hold an authorised worker permit to qualify for access to ECEC services as the advice has changed since early yesterday.

The most recent advice from Vic DET is that a child in a two parent/carer family or a one parent/carer family may access ECEC (excluding OSHC) where one parent is an authorised worker (working on site or from home) and there is no appropriate alternative care available in the home.

If there is another adult in the household, authorised workers can still access onsite childcare or kindergarten if the other adult is not able to supervise the child/ren (including due to work or personal circumstances such as illness or disability). This requirement comes into force from 11.59p.m. this evening. Please read the Vic DET update for full details on this matter.

Other matters covered by the Vic DET update include:

  • communicating to families re the changes (template letters)
  • kindergarten Funding
  • learning from home
  • vulnerable children
  • OSHC
  • face masks
  • work placements
  • visitors
  • risk mitigation
  • Vaccinations
  • Teacher – child ratios
  • cleaning funding
  • provider and staff wellbeing.

ELAA COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions
ELAA will be updating its COVID-19 Frequently Asked Question page so it is in line with the most recent Vic DET advice. The information is divided into relevant categories and formatted as question headings for fast scanning. We encourage you to consult our COVID-19 FAQ page in the first instance should you have a query regarding ECEC service operation in respect of COVID-19.

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