23 JunPromoting wellbeing in stressful times

Posted on 23 Jun 2020

Mental health and wellbeing are important for personal and professional success. When you look after yourself, you’re in a better position to support those around you, including family, colleagues and the children in your care.


Everyone is different, so finding wellbeing strategies that work for you is important. Mental health is affected by a range of factors. Some strategies to consider when thinking about your wellbeing include:

  • monitoring what causes you stress and how you react in those situations. Thinking about what changes you could make to be able to handle those situations better. For example, exercise, relaxation, positive self-talk
  • making a regular time for yourself to pursue interests that make you feel good and help you relax
  • talking through your challenges with colleagues, trusted family or friends, your GP or a counsellor
  • getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising regularly
  • practising mindfulness: being aware of being in the present moment
  • challenge negative thoughts and trying to stay positive
  • engage in reflective practice about your work and professional development.

For more information on educator wellbeing visit the Fact Sheets and Wellbeing Tools on the Be You website.

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