11 AugSome key things to note from the latest Vic DET COVID-19 update

Posted on 11 Aug 2020

Vic DET published another update for Victorian ECEC providers on Monday 10 August. ECEC providers are highly encouraged to read this edition

Melbourne metropolitan services should ensure they read the articles on:

  • Remaining open for children of permitted workers and vulnerable children
  • Permitted Workers
  • Supporting your staff as permitted workers

While Victorian regional services should ensure they read the articles  on:

  • Who can attend sessional kindergarten and OSHC services
  • Additional funding for sessional kindergarten providers for Term 3 including funded programs and unfunded three-year-old programs.

Providers from both Melbourne and Regional areas should check out the articles on:

  • Cleaning grants
  • Funding to support learning from home

To read the full Vic DET COVID-19 update from Monday 10 August CLICK HERE

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