18 SepSupport for Covid related stress and anxiety in the early years sector

Posted on 18 Sep 2020

If you are experiencing stress and anxiety in your workplace as a result of COVID-19, free confidential help is available. Join the WorkSafe Wellbeing Support Trial.


If you or your staff members are experiencing stress and anxiety in your early childhood education and care (ECEC) workplace as a result of COVID-19, free confidential help is now available by joining the WorkSafe Wellbeing Support Trial.

The trial – a collaboration between ELAA, WorkSafe Victoria and Injurynet – will connect you with the right support, advice and tools to help you manage mental health at your workplace.

ELAA strongly encourages ECEC services who think they may need this support to enquire further about the trial BEFORE OCTOBER 7. The trial  provides up to four telehealth sessions with a mental health professional; it is confidential and free.

Injurynet is an independent network of mental health professionals that provide health and wellbeing support to prevent and reduce the impact of injury and illness in the workplace. Information you share with Injurynet is private and confidential.

This trial will help WorkSafe understand if this service is meeting your needs and how it’s helping you. WorkSafe and your employer will not see your personal details.


WorkSafe are seeking people to participate in the trial that are:

  • currently working
  • experiencing increased work-related stress and anxiety as a result of COVID-19
  • no active claims
  • no access to EAP or other mental health support services through work.

Service terms

  • This temporary service is available to a limited number of eligible people only.
  • If you’re eligible, you can receive up to four sessions with a mental health professional. (it is not designed for long term use)
  • This service is not connected to the claims process and using it does not initiate or impact any future claims.
  • This trial is optional and you may stop using it at any time without completing all four sessions.
  • Your employer and WorkSafe will not know that you’ve used this service. Injurynet will not share identifiable information with your employer or WorkSafe.
  • You will need to contact the service before October 7th to start accessing support.

Next Steps

CLICK HERE to visit the WorkSafe website for more information.


Contact Injurynet before the 7th October

E: worksafe@injurynet.com.au

P: 1300 945 675

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