16 MarThe KIMS Win for Efficient Services

Posted on 16 Mar 2021

For most Victorian Kindergarten services the KIMS data collection looms large every year, with the update of required student information into the KIM system often a very manual process. For services utlising the EnrolNow One platform this previous headache is a simple csv download and upload. EnrolNow has been engaging with the Victorian Department of Education on the KIMS Reform project

to ensure that they can support their customers with the upload of KIM data, when the new system goes live on the 15th March. Services will be able to use a Multiple Child Upload feature to import all children to KIM in bulk. EnrolNow is facilitating this for clients through the provision of a formatted report that draws on enrolment data already collected.

It is not too late to implement EnrolNow One for your service and also access this quick KIMS win. For new customers with an ELAA  membership, EnrolNow have developed a simple form to collect the data, meaning you too can access the KIMS report. For ELAA members EnrolNow will waive the data migration and project cost that you would usually incur to access this functionality midyear.

For more information please call 1300 66 00 25 or email hello@enrolnow.com.au.


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