17 NovUpcoming vote on VECTEA mirror agreements

Posted on 17 Nov 2021

The vote for the VECTEA mirror agreements, the Victorian Early Childhood Agreement (VECA) and the Victorian Early Education Agreement (VEEA) will shortly commence on Monday 22 November until Tuesday 30 November 2021.

Members who are respondents to the proposed VEEA and VECA agreements will have access to substantially similar DET funding rates, terms and conditions as the VECTEA 2020.

The ballot will be facilitated by CorpVote, an independent third-party electronic voting provider. CorpVote’s role is to provide a secure, independent ballot process for ELAA’s valued members and employees. All teachers and educators employed by the proposed Agreements are eligible to vote (including union and non-union members and casual employees).

ELAA intends to submit its application for approval for the proposed Agreements to the Fair Work Commission in early December and will keep members updated.

Members who require further support for the upcoming voting period are asked to contact ELAA at vectea@elaa.org.au

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