04 NovUpdated Employee Management and Development Resource now available and it’s free

Posted on 04 Nov 2020

The Employee Management & Development (EM&D) resource is a step-by-step guide, providing employers and managers with information and tools to develop and implement an EM&D process in their service/s. This resource was produced by ELAA, in partnership with the Department of Education and Training (DET).

What is EM&D?

Employee Management and Development is a systematic approach to creating a work environment that supports employees to perform at their best and to continually improve from the time they join a service to the time they leave.

Why focus on EM&D?

Motivated and engaged employees develop positive relationships in the workplace and succeed with their own ongoing professional development, consequently delivering stronger learning outcomes for children. In an effective process, the employer and employee cooperatively identify specific areas for improvement and development, establish a timeframe for achieving the improvements, and determine how they will be achieved.

Using an EM&D process also ensures employers meet their obligations under the National Quality Standard, particularly element 7.2.2.


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