15 Apr*IMPORTANT* VECTEA 2020 Voting Information and Resources

Posted on 15 Apr 2021

ELAA is pleased to announce that the VECTEA voting process has recommenced. Read on for important information regarding the VECTEA ‘access period’, the VECTEA vote, essential resource material that must be distributed to staff and supplementary resources.

VECTEA access period

The access period will commence from Wednesday 21 April 2021 until Sunday 2 May 2021.  This is a period during which your employee has the opportunity to read through proposed agreement in anticipation of placing their ballot. Please note, this is not the voting period.

Before the commencement of this period, employers should provide VECTEA employees with the below materials to explain the terms of the new VECTEA.  Please refer to the instructions and links for the required resources below.

All employees listed on your VECTEA employee voter roll will receive an introductory email from our independent voting provider CorpVote, on Tuesday, 20 April 2021. CorpVote will send these materials directly in this email. Please confirm with your employees that they have received a copy of these explanatory materials.


The VECTEA vote will open on Monday, 3 May 2021 (00:01 hours AEST) and close on Monday, 10 May 2021 (23:59 hours AEST).

All employees listed on your Approved Provider voter roll will receive an electronic link from CorpVote to access a secure voting portal. CorpVote will send an email to the employee’s nominated email address once the vote opens. Employees can also cast a ballot using CorpVote’s secure telephone voting service that will be available during the duration of the voting period.

VECTEA resources

IMPORTANT – Committees/Management – Please distribute:

  1. VECTEA 2020 – Victorian Early Childhood Teachers and Educators Agreement 2020 . ***Committees/Management: please print and make a copy available for your VECTEA employees.
  2. VECTEA 2020 – Employee Information Summary . ***Committees/Management: please print and distribute to your VECTEA employees.
  3. Comparison of VECTEA 2020 to VECTEA 2016 and Modern Awards .  Available for distribution to VECTEA employees for further reading.
  4. Schedule 2 – VECTEA (2020/2021) Salary Tables

Supplementary resources

5. Materials referenced in the Agreement:

Please note, for employees, all resources listed and a copy of the proposed Agreement is also available from the Australian Education Union.

Answers to some common questions regarding the VECTEA 2020 Agreement, applicability and voting process can be found by CLICKING HERE

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