05 MayVic Three-Year-Old Kindergarten Sector Guide

Posted on 05 May 2021

Committees of Management, Directors, and Managers of services delivering or looking at delivering a funded three-year-old kinder program are encouraged to read the Best Start Best Life Sector Guide to the funded three-year-old kindergarten program in Victoria.

The document is produced by the Victorian Department of Education and Training and includes a range of information and answers to key questions relating to the funded three-year-old program rollout. Some of the areas covered in the document include:

  • From 2023, it will be up to service providers to determine how many hours of funded Three-Year Old Kindergarten they deliver per week, with a minimum of five hours and a maximum of 15 hours. This choice will depend on factors like available workforce, infrastructure, capacity and community preferences.
  • Financial support is available for studying, upskilling and teaching.
  • More professional support available for educators and teachers, including Teaching Toolkit, PD, Leadership Forums and Early Learning Networks.
  • Three-year-old infrastructure strategy and grants are available to increase enrolment capacity.
  • Funding for 5 hours in 2022 for 3yo kindergarten program.
  • Early Start Kindergarten, providing 15 hours of 3yo funded kindergarten
  • Priority of Access to ensure that children who are vulnerable, disadvantaged or who have a disability are supported to access a kindergarten place.
  • Suggestions for more information and contacts for more support.

CLICK HERE to access the Sector Guide.

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