Learning & Development

ELAA’s professional learning and development program is tailored to meet the needs of employers, approved providers and their representatives, teachers, educators and general committee members.


Professional Learning and Development Opportunities for teachers, educators, management and approved providers (Postponed due to COVID-19)

This year our professional learning and development sessions will focus on teacher wellbeing and Occupational Health and Safety in the early childhood service. Our one-day courses have content specific to the early childhood sector with experts sharing tools, strategies and systems to put in place to ensure a safe and positive workplace.

Seminars mapped to the NQS and APST and suitable for VIT PD requirements
Each seminar is mapped to the National Quality Standards (NQS) and Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) and you will receive a certificate of completion that can be used as evidence in meeting your Victorian Institute of Teaching professional development requirements.

Programs specifically for Committees of Management

ELAA offers FREE training sessions (current sessions being held via ZOOM video conference) specifically designed for employers (Committees of Management) and managers from early childhood services covering:

Starting from the beginning

  • an introduction to the roles and responsibilities of committees, including brief consideration of joining and EYM
  • your role as:
    – an Incorporated Association committee
    – an Approved Provider and an early childhood funded service provider
    – an employer of staff in an early childhood service
    – a Manager of an early childhood service

Financial Management

  • the legal framework for incorporated associations
  • record keeping and reporting
  • allocation of financial tasks within the committee
  • planning including preparing the budget
  • fundraising
  • risk management

AGM and successful handover

  • effective Annual General Meetings (AGM)
    – constitutional requirements
    – committee recruitment
    – planning the meeting
    – agenda and reports
    – committee elections
    – strategies to encourage attendance
  • the handover process
    – preparation
    – essential information to be passed on
    – the meeting

ELAA’s Service Delivery and Growth team bring specialist skills and extensive experience to these sessions. With background in management of early childhood services, industrial relations, human resource and early childhood teaching, they understand the challenges that committees face.

To contact the events team for more information on our training, please email us at training@elaa.org.au