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Think Equal aims to promote best practice quality education, inclusion and equality in early childhood development. In this course, you will learn more about the Think Equal Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program implemented in Australia.
Free modules on employee management and development (EM&D) that will help to implement or tailor an existing EM&D process in early childhood services.
In this course, you will learn how to support and maintain employee engagement in a crisis situation.  Speaker:  Kathy Townley, Partner and Principal Consultant at ideas2outcomes, will take you through the steps.
If you have people management and leadership responsibilities in early childhood education and care service, then this self-paced module is for you.
Free training module examining policy functions and review processes within the Early Childhood Education and Care sector.
In this course, Anne Belcher will introduce “The Five Branches Framework for Music in the Early Years”. She will share ideas for effective, yet inexpensive props and instruments that can be incorporated immediately into any early years learning and care program.
This course will provide educators with insights into the ways families and children are rethinking and using digital technology in their homes as a result of covid-19 and associated lockdowns and restrictions.
A comprehensive introduction to the roles and responsibilities of CoMs in employee management and development.
Join us for a comprehensive presentation on preparing for your AGM and how to ensure a positive handover is provided to the new committee.
Join us for a comprehensive introduction to the roles and responsibilities of committees of management of early childhood services.
This course explores the responsibilities of the committee in relation to managing the finances of the incorporated association.
This module will provide valuable insights into effective approaches to transition alongside practical strategies that will enhance practice, impacting the experience for the child and family.