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Celebrating 75,000 Victorian Children Made Safer On Our Roads

The Starting Out Safely Road Safety Education program reached a major milestone during October 2017 … over 75,000 Victorian preschool children have now participated. To celebrate, ELAA and Vic Roads invited the stars of the Starting Out Safely program – Professor Eric Speriment and his friend, ThingleToodle – to join the children at Albert Park Kindergarten for some great road safety fun and a magnificent road safety cake. And Victoria’s Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan, dropped by to help the children blow out the candles …

Read the media release

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Early Learning Association Australia AGM focuses on safe transportation of children in cars

ELAA’s 2017 Annual General Meeting will hear from leading paediatric trauma surgeon, Associate Professor Warwick Teague of the Royal Children’s Hospital, about the “critical number” that can guide parents and carers to ensuring children travel safely in cars…

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2018 Early Childhood Education Conference – Call for Presentations

ELAA and Gowrie Victoria invite submissions from Early Childhood Education and Care professionals interested in presenting at the 2018 conference in Melbourne.

Submissions close 17 November 2017



WorkSafe alert on use of glass panels in ECEC services

Following a serious incident earlier this year when a five-year-old child leant against a glass panel which broke and lacerated the child’s wrist, WorkSafe Victoria have issued an updated safety alert regarding the use of glass in services.

Early childhood education and care services should be aware of the details of the alert.

The alert document can be found here Glass Safety Alert or search the document library at



ELAA CEO comments on release of latest OECD Education at a Glance Report

ELAA CEO, Shane Lucas, spoke to the ABC Radio The World Today program yesterday following the release of the latest OECD Education at a Glance Report which shows Australia is going backwards on three-year-old participation in early learning.

“The OECD report demonstrates that Australian still has a way to go at both Commonwealth and State Government levels in it investment in Early Childhood Education and Care,” said Mr Lucas.

According to the Report, 3-year-old participation in Early Learning in Australia has decreased to 68% (down from 69% in 2014), while the OECD average 3-year- old participation increased from 73% to 78%, so there is now a 10% gap between 3yo participation in Australia (68%) and the OECD average (78%) (this gap widened by 6%).

However, Shane acknowledged the success story that is 4-year-old participation in Australian early learning programs. Participation in pre-primary (preschool) in the year before school in Australia rose significantly from 53% in 2005 to 90% 2015 (an increase of 5% from last year) as a direct result of the National Partnership Agreement on Universal Access.

Shane concluded the interview by saying he applauded the Commonwealth Minister for Education and Training, Senator Simon Birmingham, for his interest in the three-year-old space, however, asked that the Minister follow through on that interest by finding “new ways of investing  into that area”.

Listen to the interview with ELAA CEO, Shane Lucas (note Shane’s comments commence at about 2 minutes and 32 seconds into the interview)

Read the OECD report

Read the Early Learning Everyone Benefits campaign media release re the OECD report



Big Steps Campaign ‘Walk Off’ set for September 7

A planned ‘walk off’ by early childhood education and care workers is set for this Thursday at 3.20pm. The ‘walk off’ is in support of United Voice’s ‘Big Steps’ campaign which seeks equal and equitable wage parity for sector workers. Following is a recent communique from United Voice regarding the action.

Walking Off the Job for Equal Pay: United Voice’s Big Steps Campaign

United Voices’ Big Steps campaign has been pressing the government to fund wage increases in early education for almost a decade. While our sector has moved toward high-quality, evidenced-based practice, our pay has not moved alongside it.

To many of us, obtaining equal pay is an absolute must to make ends meet. We’re fighting for a wage that reflects our worth and enables us to thrive in our profession.

This year, to escalate our campaign, we organised our first ever nationwide Big Steps walk-off on International Women’s Day. Our September walk-off is shaping up to be an even larger affair: it will make our message louder and clearer than it has ever been.

If you would like more information about our walk-off actions and how you and your centre can get involved, register your interest with us, join our Facebook page and check out Educators Everywhere – our one-stop shop for getting active in your local community.

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