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Big Steps Campaign ‘Walk Off’ set for September 7

A planned ‘walk off’ by early childhood education and care workers is set for this Thursday at 3.20pm. The ‘walk off’ is in support of United Voice’s ‘Big Steps’ campaign which seeks equal and equitable wage parity for sector workers. Following is a recent communique from United Voice regarding the action.

Walking Off the Job for Equal Pay: United Voice’s Big Steps Campaign

United Voices’ Big Steps campaign has been pressing the government to fund wage increases in early education for almost a decade. While our sector has moved toward high-quality, evidenced-based practice, our pay has not moved alongside it.

To many of us, obtaining equal pay is an absolute must to make ends meet. We’re fighting for a wage that reflects our worth and enables us to thrive in our profession.

This year, to escalate our campaign, we organised our first ever nationwide Big Steps walk-off on International Women’s Day. Our September walk-off is shaping up to be an even larger affair: it will make our message louder and clearer than it has ever been.

If you would like more information about our walk-off actions and how you and your centre can get involved, register your interest with us, join our Facebook page and check out Educators Everywhere – our one-stop shop for getting active in your local community.



VIT registration due 30 September

Teachers in early years learning services – it’s time to make sure you have organised all your Victorian Institute of Teaching annual registration documentation and submitted your re-registration details by 30 September. Click on the tile below to see more information on the VIT website.



Important update re back pay for casual educators

On 17 August, the Fair Work Commission released a decision to vary the Victorian Early Childhood Teachers and Educators Agreement 2016 (VECTEA) as it relates to the payment of casual educators.

This decision comes after a series of discussions between ELAA and the Australian Education Union (AEU) before the Commission during which the parties agreed that the VECTEA was ambiguous concerning the rates of pay that apply to casual employees, and made application to the Commission to vary the agreement to clarify the ambiguity.

The Commission has now agreed to the variation and hence determined that casual educators under the VECTEA should be paid at the “52/52” rate plus 25% as per Schedule 2 of the agreement from 1 July 2017. See a copy of the Fair Work Commission decision

The parties have also agreed that there is a back-pay component for casual educators, effective from the date of commencement of the VECTEA (i.e. 29 June 2016).

ELAA has developed an Excel worksheet to assist with backpay calculations and this is available on our website. This Excel worksheet is only available to ELAA members. To access the worksheet:

1. go to ‘My Membership’ tab on the main menu of the ELAA website

2. login with your member details

3. choose the ‘Industrial Bulletins’ menu option from the menu on the left hand side of the page.

In future, casual educators and Activity Group Leaders will be paid according to the 52/52 pay scales with a 25% loading in lieu of leave entitlements.

For more detail regarding the Fair Work Commission decision please see our latest August Industrial Relations Bulletin

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