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12 JunDepartment of Education (VIC) kicks off evaluation of Early Years Management (EYM) model

Posted on 12 Jun 2024

As an Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Peak Body, we have been one of the first to be consulted, and we will continue to participate, in the Department of Education’s Evaluation of the Early Year Management (EYM) project. 

The outcomes from this evaluation will significantly influence the Department’s decisions on several crucial topics, so it is important that our members’ views is heard and understood. 

Project objectives 

The evaluation will assist the Department in understanding the impact and effectiveness of the EYM model in achieving the EYM outcomes, inform continuous improvement, and contribute to the evidence base for EYM policy and delivery, particularly in the context of the Best Start, Best Life reforms. This includes examining:  

  • the role of EYMs within the early learning sector and capacity to support kindergarten reform  
  • the effectiveness and impact of the current EYM model  
  • opportunities to improve the EYM model.  

 Why does this matter to our EYM members

Have you faced challenges during the BSBL reform? Are you exploring funding and program compliance opportunities or looking to recruit kindergarten services? This evaluation will help the Department understand the overall EYM model, address your needs, and identify opportunities for improvement. 

Standalone kindergarten considering joining an EYM?

The evaluation will provide the Department with insights to better address your questions and concerns. 

This project is being delivered by the DoE’s consultants ACIL Allen and will run until the end of 2024. 

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