09 JunDeveloping children’s resilience with The Mushkins

Posted on 09 Jun 2022

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“I want my children to be happy, safe and thrive in what they love,” said every educator and parent ever.

The question is how do we facilitate this most effectively?

Research shows that ability and IQ accounts for 25% of a person’s achievements. The other 75% comes from non-cognitive factors such as perseverance, optimism, grit, resilience, mindfulness, comfort with intellectual tension, coping skills for error and failure and the ability to reflect on critique and feedback in positive ways … all vital elements of early-years education.

That’s why resilience and mindfulness programs are not just beneficial for the wellbeing of students, but a vital tool in our children’s future success.

These techniques are key to building harmonious classrooms where children feel confident and safe to fail. Time and time again, when children are comfortable with failure, they open up a chance to thrive at every opportunity. The outcome from practicing resilience and mindfulness in the classroom is happier, safer children who thrive in what they love.

The Mushkins specialise in early years education and host incredible resilience and wellbeing programs. You can find out more over at www.themushkins.com

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