12 MayEarly childhood research round-up

Posted on 12 May 2022

During the lead up to the Australian federal election we’ve seen the release of a range of research papers that may be of interest to members. These include:

The Mitchell Institute’s mapping of deserts and oases. This report looks at how childcare is not accessible for around a third of Australian families. The mapping shows gaps in access in low socio-economic areas, and links between low access and lower levels of workforce participation.

Chief Executive Women’s report authored by Impact Economics and Policy that highlights the important role Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) plays in unlocking women’s economic participation.

The Australia Institute’s report that examines the return on investment for governments funding not-for-profit early childhood education.

The Front Project’s report on developmental vulnerability that highlights how children in some communities, and from different cultural backgrounds, are more likely to be developmentally vulnerable.

ELAA is drawing on this evidence to further strengthen our case for government investment in a sustainable community  ECEC sector.

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