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25 JunGet your organisation’s professional development right with our Employment and Onboarding Guide

Posted on 25 Jun 2024

Professional development encompasses a wide range of activities aimed at improving your employees ‘skills, knowledge, and expertise. ELAA’s newly developed Employment and Onboarding Guide helps you embed effective professional development practices, placing your employees’ needs at the centre of their development.  

Benefits for your organisations 

Professional development is not just important for individuals, it also benefits organisations through: 

  • increasing employee engagement: organisations investing in employees’ professional growth experience higher engagement and job satisfaction 
  • attracting and retaining talent: Offering professional development opportunities makes an organisation more attractive to potential employees and helps retain existing talent 
  • enhancing overall organisation’s capabilities: a well-trained and skilled workforce makes organisations more competitive, adaptive, and capable of achieving their goals 
  • driving innovation and adaptation: employees engaged in professional development bring innovative ideas and adapt to changing circumstances. 

Whether you’re an individual seeking career advancement or an organisation fostering a culture of learning, investing in professional development is a choice that yields numerous benefits.  

Get your organisation’s professional development right with ELAA’s Employment and Onboarding Guide. 

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