07 FebInformal discussions for managing employee underperformance

Posted on 07 Feb 2023

Addressing issues of underperformance as soon as they arise is in the best interests of both the service and the employee. If not resolved right away, these problems may worsen over time, become more challenging to fix, and have an adverse effect on the service and other staff.

Every service has a set of requirements for the behaviour and performance that employees must exhibit. Expected standards of behaviour and performance, in line with the demands of the position and the service’s culture, must be made clear to every employee up front and at the time of recruitment.

Conducting difficult conversations with employees to address underperformance becomes easier and more objective if contextualised around these articulated standards and expectations.

Informal discussions allow the employee to participate fully in the conversation and, as a result, the employee is better able to comprehend the employer’s position regarding performance concerns, the impact on service quality and delivery, the employer’s expectations, and any potential consequences for repetition of the misconduct/underperformance.

To learn more about how to manage underperformance, including tip sheets and tools visit our Managing Performance Related Concerns Resource.

Access the MPRC Resource here.

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