27 JulImplementing the child safe standards

Posted on 27 Jul 2022

ELAA has been receiving several enquiries in relation to the new Child Safe Standards and would like to support our members and the wider sector by pointing out some wonderful resources that have been developed thus far.  

ELAA live forum – 15 August

ELAA will be hosting a forum about the New Child Safe Standards on the 15th of August.  Join ELAA and Greg Norton, Executive Director – Quality Assessment and Regulations Division, Department of Education and Training for an update on what Victorian ECEC service leaders need to know and do regarding the Standards and where to go for more information. There will be a Q&A where participants will have the opportunity to ask questions. ELAA will also showcase our PolicyWorks Catalogue and provide an overview of the changes made to reflect new policy requirements. Register NOW!  

ELAA’s PolicyWorks

ELAA’s PolicyWorks: ELAA’s PolicyWorks catalogue has been updated across seven policies to comply with the new Standards. PolicyWorks provides easy to use templates to assist early childhood education and care services to contextualise and update policies to meet legislative, regulatory and funding requirements. Purchase PolicyWorks here!  

Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP)

CCYP has a suite of resources to support organisations to implement the new Child Safe Standards. These include on-demand videos, links to recordings from their Child Safe Standards Community of Practice, resources for parents and carers as well as other templates, guides and tools including a Child Safe Standards self-assessment tool which is coming soon. Access these resources here!  

Victorian Government (Quality Assessment and Regulation Division (QARD))

On the 1 July 2022, QARD announced that their online guidance for early childhood services on how to comply with the new standards had gone live. The guidance is broken down into each standard and accompanied with an overview of the standard, actions services must take, examples and ideas of how to comply, related standards and regulations as well as resources.  

From 1 July 2022, QARD will continue to focus on informing and educating services about their obligations under the new Standards. Up until 31 December 2022, QARD will continue to work with the Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) to regulate the new Standards. Where serious non-compliance is identified, QARD may refer the matter to the CCYP to take compliance action. 

QARD will be responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with the Standards when it becomes the regulator of the Standards in the early childhood sector on 1 January 2023. Subject to legislative changes, QARD will become an ‘integrated sector regulator’, meaning they will be able to enforce compliance with the new Standards using their existing powers in the National Law and Children’s Services Act. Access QARD’s online guidance here!   

QARD’s monthly newsletter also features aspects of the Child Safe Standards and highlights some key steps and actions that services can take.  Subscribe to QARD’s Newsletter here!  

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