31 MayLooking to recruit or replace an Early Childhood Teacher?

Posted on 31 May 2023

We will explore common questions around this topic. 

Your questions answered here.

1. Can I hire a teacher who has not yet completed their qualification? 

There is no WORKING TOWARDS an ECT qualification, unlike diploma or certificate educators. In Victoria you are required to have completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education (or above) AND have VIT registration to be considered a teacher. Regulation 242 that previously allowed this expired on 1 January 2018.  

For an educator or teacher who has not yet completed their qualification and/or obtained VIT registration to be considered an early childhood teacher, the employer must obtain a waiver. 

2. Who provides a waiver?  

In some circumstances, the Victorian Department of Education may provide a waiver for a diploma educator (without a teaching qualification) to perform the role of a teacher on a temporary basis. To learn more about this CLICK HERE.

3. What do I pay someone replacing a teacher?

  • diploma educators/teachers not yet qualified: the Activity Group Leader (AGL) rate Level 3.1
  • primary school teachers without early childhood qualifications: teacher salary scale according to their teaching experience
  • diploma educator who holds an approved teaching qualification (and VIT registration): the teacher rate based on their qualification and experience.  

 4. When and for how long can I replace a teacher without a waiver? 

If an ECT is absent due to short term illness or leave, they can be replaced by a person who holds an approved diploma level qualification or primary teaching qualification for no more than 60 days in any 12-month period on a pro-rata basis (regulation 135). From 1 July 2023 this will also be applied on a short-term basis for attendance at a practicum placement for an approved qualification or resignation. For further information CLICK HERE.

IMPORTANT: Approved providers must notify the relevant Early Childhood Improvement Branch (ECIB), HERE, where a teacher is not immediately replaced to discuss funding arrangements. For further information please refer to pages 46-49 of the Kindergarten Funding Guide HERE.

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