15 FebPreventing Mosquito-borne Diseases in Kindergartens and Day Care Services

Posted on 15 Feb 2023

Mosquito-borne diseases have become a significant concern in many countries, and a range of mosquito-borne diseases have recently been detected in mosquitoes in northern Victoria. The spread of diseases such Ross River, Barmah Forest, and Dengue fever are a threat not just to individuals, but to communities as a whole. This is why early childhood services need proactive measures on mosquito management to prevent these diseases from spreading.

The Victorian government and Department of Education are urging early childhood services to take proactive measures to minimise mosquito activity and protect their children and staff. Advice has been given to remove standing water sources, use insect repellent sprays, install fly screens and provide protective clothing to reduce the risk of disease transmission. Click here to download a full checklist on how early childhood service facilities can protect their premise from mosquito-borne diseases.

It is also advised that services should also engage a pest control expert to apply specialised mosquito treatments for their facilities. Rentokil Pest Control offers targeted mosquito treatment options to help minimise the risk of mosquito activity, providing your premise with the protection you need when you need it.

For ELAA members, we are currently offering an exclusive 30% discount on our range of mosquito solutions. To find out more about our mosquito treatment offers and how we can protect your facility, contact Luke Forsyth, Sales Manager – VIC, Rentokil Initial, at 0404 492 495 or email luke.forsyth@rentokil.com.

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