12 SepPromoting family diversity in education

Posted on 12 Sep 2023

Early Childhood Australia (ECA) has developed a comprehensive and free online training course in collaboration with Rainbow Families to provide Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) educators with tools they need to confidently educate children about family diversity with sensitivity and openness. 

Through this course, you will: 

  • learn about the diversity of families, specifically LGBTQ+ parented families
  • develop a better understanding of factors that contribute to discrimination 
  • learn how to create learning opportunities for children to learn about diversity 
  • gain an understanding of how to develop and sustain inclusive environments. 

“We know historically through teaching about diversity that children learn to celebrate differences, and diversity is part of what makes Australia such a wonderful place to live.”– Ashley Scott, Executive Officer of Rainbow Families.  

To complete the free 1-hour course, CLICK HERE.

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