PolicyWorks Catalogue

$120.00 Members

$1,075.00 Non Members

The ELAA PolicyWorks Catalogue is designed to provide information and guidance to assist early childhood education and care services to develop and update policies and procedures to meet legislative, regulatory and funding requirements.  The PolicyWorks Catalogue can be easily adapted to funded kindergarten and long day care services.  A new template format has been developed to be user friendly with a revised simplified structure and has been applied to 22 of the catalogues 42 template policies. The remaining policy templates will be updated into the new format and released periodically to Catalogue owners from May 2022 to March 2023. 

As ELAA transitions the remaining policies within the catalogue to the new format, members will be notified via email of each new release.  A schedule of our release schedule will also be available here. 

Members will automatically have access to the new additions via the My Membership menu tab on the ELAA website.  Each PolicyWorks template is a downloadable Microsoft Word document to enable the service to tailor the template to suit their service’s needs. 

To support our work in reviewing and maintaining the templates following their release, we have introduced a subscription model. The subscription model will provide you with ongoing access for the life of your subscription.  No more paying for new versions of PolicyWorks, this will all be included in your subscription.

Current ELAA members that wish to purchase PolicyWorks Catalogue subscription will receive a discounted member price when logged into their account on the ELAA website. After purchasing, they will be given access to the files via the My Membership menu on the ELAA website. 

Non-members that wish to purchase PolicyWorks Catalogue can do so by adding it to the shopping cart and paying the non-member price. The relevant templates will then be emailed to the email address on the order form. 

*Only ELAA members that have a PolicyWorks Catalogue subscription will be entitled to receive updates to a template version or new policy templates. Non-subscribers and non-members will not be entitled to any updates. If you’d like to keep your policies up-to-date, join ELAA now and consider accessing the other member benefits. 

CLICK HERE to take advantage of our free online training module examining policy functions, contextualisation and review processes within the Early Childhood Education and Care sector. 

†Note: The PolicyWorks Manual 2019 V3 and the Release Package will no longer be updated and will be retired once all Policy Templates have been updated and migrated to the PolicyWorks ‘catalogue’.