Project Victoria

Project Victoria – exploring the potential for an amalgamation between ELAA and Community Child Care (CCC)

Joint Statement by Grant Boyd and Linda Davision

Thursday 5 May 2022

This joint statement has been written by Linda Davison, Chairperson of the Community Child Care Association (CCC), and Grant Boyd, President of Early Learning Association of Australia (ELAA). It will be regularly updated.

CCC and ELAA are currently exploring if we might amalgamate into a new entity.

This work is progressing under the title ‘Project Victoria.’

Why are we doing this?

ELAA and CCC are considering what’s best for the education and care sector.

With increased demands on our workforce, extra scrutiny on early education and care services and the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, a strategic and considered amalgamation would be designed, as its driving force, to provide optimal support for our sector now and into the future.

We believe that a joint entity has the potential to boost the strengths of both organisations, deliver amplified service delivery and support for our members and the sector more broadly, as well as provide a single, unified voice for better advocacy and representation of all service types.

So, why are we considering an amalgamation?

Community Child Care Association (CCC) and Early Learning Association of Australia (ELAA) have enjoyed a strong, collaborative relationship for many years.

Our relationship is based on a shared vision for affordable, accessible and high-quality early education and care.

We are also passionate about ensuring that community based/not-for-profit service provision remains a thriving part of the sector and we support all children and families to access high-quality education and care.

We currently campaign around these same issues, are highly skilled, have aligned views and share many stakeholders in common, within a sector that faces increased challenges and scrutiny.

What are the objectives of Project Victoria?

There are four main objectives of Project Victoria:

  1. Strengthen the advocacy voice of community based / not-for-profit service providers
  2. Enhance value for members by expanding the service offering and improving support
  3. Achieve better representation of all service types
  4. Support the sustainability of our organisations to continue all our great work, including project delivery

What has happened so far?

Our Boards have met to discuss the potential benefits (and risks) of amalgamation for our organisations, including the added value for our sector and our shared values and goals.

A Joint Steering Committee (JSC) has been convened as an advisory body that will make recommendations to the respective Boards of CCC and ELAA regarding project milestones, budget and key decision points.

A stakeholder communication strategy is currently underway, with an initial focus ion engaging with staff from both CCC and ELAA. This strategy commenced with staff briefings during April. We then held a range of member briefings on Thursday 5 May. All other stakeholders are being contacted and briefed.

What will happen next?

Legal and financial due diligence has commenced. This process will seek to provide the JSC and respective Boards of Management with evidence to determine if we continue with the amalgamation process and start to design a potential new entity.

Who makes the ultimate decision on amalgamation?

Firstly, the majority of both CCC and ELAA Boards must independently vote in favour of recommending the amalgamation to members. If recommended by both Boards of Management, the majority of both CCC and ELAA members will then need to vote in favour of the amalgamation for it to proceed to implementation. The vote is likely to occur in 2023.

What are the timelines?

It is expected that due diligence will be completed by the end of June 2022. From there, the CCC and ELAA Boards of Management will determine if Project Victoria moves to the design stage of a new entity. Timelines beyond that point will need to be determined and will be communicated to staff and stakeholders, but a design and transition window of 12 to 18 months is expected.

What happens in the meantime?

At this point, it’s important to remember that the concept of an amalgamation is only being explored. In the short term, there will be no impact on any individual or organisation associated with Project Victoria. During this process, members will continue to receive the same levels of service and benefits and stakeholders can expect the same level of engagement and commitment to our mutual projects.

Our commitment is to keep everyone updated at every key stage and invite your feedback. We have established dedicated email addresses for feedback: for CCC and for ELAA

We look forward to sharing further information and the journey ahead with you.

Linda Davison


Community Child Care Association

Grant Boyd


Early Learning Association Australia