24 JulUpdate to the Dealing with Infectious Diseases PolicyWorks template

Posted on 24 Jul 2020

The updated Dealing with Infectious Diseases PolicyWorks template is now available for members that have purchased PolicyWorks v3 2019. Extensive changes have been made throughout the template. Key areas include:

  • new pandemic and epidemic related information, responsibilities and a new Attachment 5
  • updates to reflect changes to the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019
  • update to the Serious incident definition so it matches reporting requirements under National Law and Regulations.

We have received a number of enquiries about a COVID-19 specific policy. Consultation has resulted in advice that the Infectious Disease Policy be updated to include the management of a pandemic or epidemic event.

Members can access the updated file, QA2 Dealing with Infectious Diseases Policy in the list of templates under PolicyWorks – File Downloads in the ELAA members area. The PolicyWorks v3 2019 Table of Updates document provides more detail on explicit changes but we suggest that you utilise the ‘Compare’ tool in Microsoft Word to highlight the changes that have been made in the template compared to your existing policy.

It’s important to note that these templates are advisory in nature and it is the responsibility of ECEC provider’s adopting these templates to ensure they meet the specific needs of your services.

As always, you can contact ELAA’s Service Delivery team at memberservices@elaa.org.au for any advice or support in updating your policies.

If your organisation does not currently have access to PolicyWorks v3 2019, you can purchase the digital access via our website here.

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