24 JanWearing Hats and Herding Cats: Chapter 5

Posted on 24 Jan 2017

The Confessions of a Kindergarten President

Chapter 5: Yellow Hat

Two days later the phone rings.  It’s Mia’s mum. “How about that catch up to do a handover?”

Already, she sure was serious about hand balling.

“Yeah, why not?”, you say.

Mia’s mum: “Do you know Cafe latte? It’s just a few doors down from kinder.  We all go there after drop off”

You: “Okay, I’m sure I’ll find it”

Next day at Cafe Latte, it’s  10.30 am. You’re 10 minutes early and she’s already there! And she has 3 GIANT folders.

“Hi Good to see you”

You expect 5 minutes of small talk but 25 minutes later she’s still talking about the last time she took her rabbit to the vet.

She glances at her watch and exclaims: “Oh no! Is that the time?  I’ve got to rush!  Look, it’s all in these folders.  I threw a lot of stuff out but you probably don’t need most of this anyway.  Have a look through and give me a call if you’ve got any questions.”

You: “Are there any issues I should know about at the kinder?”

Mia’s mum “Umm…. no. Nothing I can think of.  Everything’s been sorted.  Sorry darl, gotta run.  Call me if you need anything”

And in a puff of magic fairy dust, Mia’s mum was gone.

You suspect you’re going to have to put her number on speed dial for the next couple of months.

You gaze at the 3 giant folders perched on the edge of the table in resignation. A bit of light summer reading for you. You wonder if Mia’s mum actually did throw anything out from the past 7 years of kinder history.

Back at home with the 3 giant folders spread out on the dining table, you (with apologies to the “Sound of Music”) decide to “start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.  When you read you begin with ABC.  When you become the President you should probably begin at the constitution!

None of the pastel tab dividers in the 3 giant folders actually have “constitution” written on them.  It’s hard to decode someone else’s filing system.  After an exhaustive search you’ve come up with a blank, no constitution.

It’s been an hour and a half since the handover and you dial Mia’s mum number for the first of many many many times.

You: “Hi. Sorry to bother you already but I was just wondering if you could tell me where a copy of the kinder constitution is?”

Mia’s mum says breathlessly, “Sorry, I just ran the dog around the park and put some cupcakes in the oven.  Constitution… Hmm… I’m pretty sure we have one of those.  Maybe it’s in the kinder office?  Have a look there.  There’s a couple of filing cabinets there too with old stuff in them that could be useful.”


You could barely cope with the 3 giant folder.  Let alone two filing cabinets…

To be continued........

The Confessions of a Kindergarten President series has been contributed by Sonali Le Brocque

Sonali is a mother of five boys. She trained as a scientist but has spent the better part of the last 10 years as a member of committees of management in kindergartens.  She has served in various roles including president, vice-president and banking at four kindergartens in both Melbourne and rural Victoria.  She has also been involved in organizing fundraising and commemorative events for the kindergartens her sons have attended.  Sonali now is part of the advisory team at ELAA.

(Note to reader- the chapters are based on deBono’s six “Thinking Hats” (Red-feelings; Yellow- positives and benefits; Blue- Process (thinking about thinking); White-Facts; Green-Creativity; Black-cautions and negatives) and are all very “tongue-in-cheek”!)

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