Our Groups

It is through working with our members and partners that ELAA is an influential advocate for “excellence in early learning for every child.”


ELAA provides the opportunity for members of Early Years Management services to come together to inform advocacy, strategic directions, policy development and implementation. Members of the group also represent sector interests in consultative forums, such as on the implementation of two years of preschool and the EYM Framework, and inform ELAA’s projects.

The CEO Group is recognised by Commonwealth and State Governments as an influential voice in early childhood education policy and practice. Formed by executives and thought-leaders of Early Years Managers within the ELAA membership, the CEO Group’s overarching objective is to build a sustainable early childhood education service system which delivers increasing quality and improved outcomes.

The DE EYM Group  informs the implementation of the EYM Framework, engages with the Victorian Department of Education, and provides an effective and consultative forum for operational discussions and learnings from research and innovative practice.

The Early Years Management Rural Sub-group develops information, advice and tools for rural and remote services and shares practice knowledge and expertise for practitioners in those services.

The Industrial Relations Reference Group provides an informed opinion on the broad range of industrial and employment issues which affect ELAA members and the early childhood sector more generally.

The LGA Reference Group provides local government members with a forum to network, share strategic information and inform ELAA on the perspective of local governments and the role that they play both as service providers and as a level of government.