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Employee Management and Development Kit

The Employee Management and Development Kit has been developed by ELAA to support early learning services in the ongoing management and development of their employee

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Free Policies for the Early Childhood Sector

The Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 (regulation 168), requires that all early childhood education and care providers have a range of policies and procedures in place.

There are number of policies, available free to services, which can be tailored to suit the early childhood environment from the following locations:

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Risks – Kinder Quick Reference Guide

Download VMIA’s ‘Kinder Quick Reference Guide’, a management guide for early childhood services committees of management. The guide is designed to assist committee members understand their role in managing risk, what is covered by VMIA insurance products, how to make a claim, and where to get help if required. Learn more about some common types of risks, and how best to prepare appropriate policies and procedures.

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Committee Basics – 2017

Committee Basics V2 – for independent early childhood services is a resource designed for committees of independent kindergartens who manage early childhood services and employ staff.

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Fundraising Made Simple

ELAA understands how vital fundraising is to services across Victoria and offers ongoing support in a number of ways. Fundraising Made Simple is a tool for committees to use as a guide when organising fundraising activities. It provides guidelines, helpful hints and suggestions for ‘fun’ events that will make fundraising an enjoyable and successful activity.

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Committee Basics – The Handover

Committee Basics – The Handover includes a number of downloadable information sheets that provide tips and guidelines to ensure committees understand their legal responsibilities following the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and to assist in a smooth transition of governance and management to the newly elected committee.

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The Impact of Early Childhood Experiences

ELAA, in partnership with Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth (ARACY), held a special presentation by Edward Melhuish on the “effect that children’s early years experience has on their educational and socio-emotional development.”

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VIT Teacher Registration Fact Sheets

Under new legislation early childhood teachers will be required to be registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (the Institute) commencing 30 September 2015.

This applies to all qualified early childhood teachers who are teaching or intend to teach as an early childhood teacher in an education and care service or a Victorian children’s service.

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Early Childhood Agreement for Children in Out-of Home Care

The Early Childhood Agreement for children in out-of-home care aims to increase the participation of young children placed in OoHC in high quality early childhood education and care.

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