26 AprEarly learning sector writes to the Prime Minister on two years of universal early learning

Posted on 26 Apr 2018

Thirty six Australian early childhood education and care sector organisations, including ELAA, have co-signed a letter to the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, calling on federal, state and territory governments to accept and implement the recommendations of the Report of the Review To Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools Through Early Childhood Interventions otherwise known as the  Lifting our Game Report.

The letter focuses on extending universal access to quality early learning programs to all Australian children for two years before primary school but also highlights the acute need for two years of early learning for vulnerable children; the need to advance the early childhood education and care workforce; and the benefits of two years of early learning for children’s transition to school, academic, emotional and social success. The letter also noted the need to bring Australia’s investment in early learning and care up (or ahead) of other countries.

The letter was emailed to 46 politicians including the COAG Education Council and Childhood Policy Group representatives from each state and territory.

Click to see a full transcript of the letter.

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