30 NovSafe transportation of children – new regulations in force

Posted on 30 Nov 2021

Transporting children can present additional risks. This can include during the transition from the vehicle and the service location.  From October 1, 2021 the introduction of the new regulation requirements (Division 7, Regulation 102A, 102B, 102C, 102D) came into effect to strengthen oversight arrangements of transport that occurs when children are under the care of an education and care service.

For services that provide or arrange transportation of children, other than as part of an excursion, the approved provider must ensure the service has policies and procedures for transportation of children.

These new requirements for safe transportation of children relate to:

  • policy and procedures
  • risk assessments
  • written authorisations.

The new requirements are mainly about transport of children other than as part of an excursion, however, some minor amendments have also been made to transport related requirements for excursion risk assessments and written authorisations.

ELAA’s PolicyWorks and Starting out Safety Road Safe Transport and Road Safety Education policy have been updated reflect these new requirements.

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