15 DecTeaching Science in Early Childhood Course

Posted on 15 Dec 2021

Save time planning – lessons for a full year

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  • Discover insider tips for teaching science with early learners used by experienced educators – what works, what doesn’t, skills to address, how to keep it safe plus best practices to avoid common misconceptions.


Teaching science in early childhood course from Fizzics Education on Vimeo.

Bring real science into your early learning centre.Practical 6-week units of work designed as lesson sequences that build on inquiry-based questions.Use simple materials from the shops for lessons that wow kids.Curriculum mapping to both the Early Years Learning Framework as well as extension links to the Australian Curriculum

Maintain accreditationTeach science aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers ( 2.1.2 &  6.2.2 Proficient Level).Use this course to attribute teacher identified professional development hours to maintain accreditation.

Comprehensive, clear & classroom-readyBased on real experience and backed by thousands of workshops since 2004.This course covers the teaching methodology & classroom-tested science experiments that help early learners understand their world

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