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01 MayEmpower your team’s wellbeing through DE’s Early Childhood Wellbeing Support Program

Posted on 01 May 2024

Ensuring your team is well is crucial, and we want to highlight the support available through the DE’s Wellbeing Support Program.

Named “Best You”, the program is managed by TelusHealth (previously known as Benestar) and offers essential counselling services tailored to the needs of your VECTEA team.

Program eligibility:

  • if you are a signatory of VECTEA 2020 or its mirror agreements, your VECTEA teachers, educators, advisors, and activity group leaders are eligible for up to four free counselling sessions annually
  • casual relief teachers and educators directly employed by early childhood services under the VECTEA are also eligible.

How to access these services:

  • to book an appointment, your employees can call Best You by TelusHealth at 1300 360 364
  • your VECTEA employees can connect with a clinician face-to-face, via telephone, video calls, or online LiveChat.

By prioritising the wellbeing of your VECTEA team, you are fostering a supportive work environment where individuals can thrive personally and professionally.

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