08 FebHave you considered ELAA’s Capability Assessment Support Service?

Posted on 08 Feb 2023

ELAA now offers support to committees/managers who are working with their eligible Early Childhood Teachers to gain the classification of an exemplary teacher.

ELAA’s Capability Assessment Support Program for EYMs and Committees of Management involves an ELAA team member with expertise in early childhood education attending your Capability Assessment panel.

Our trained and qualified expert will assist with conducting a fair and transparent Capability Assessment through facilitated discussion with your management team. In addition, an ELAA Consultant may make recommendations to the nominated representative/s of the Approved Provider present.

An ELAA Consultant will be to provide up to two hours of support and will:

  • Engage in a pre-discussion with your Capability Assessment sub-committee (or nominated management representative/s). This can include a phone consultation prior to your scheduled assessment
  • Participate in the Capability Assessment can be conducted either via online video conference or at your service. ELAA’s involvement will be as a panelist member in a supportive role, participating in the collaborative discussion between the teacher and sub-committee. ELAA is not responsible for the final decision of the Capability Assessment; your subcommittee will make the decision
  • Participate in a comprehensive after-meeting discussion with your Panel
  • Complete and provide your Panel with a copy of the Tool 6: Discussion Record
  • Assist with the development of questions for your teacher.

For more information on what ELAA can offer you with our Capability Assessment Support Service, click here.

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