27 MarKey ELAA calculation insights

Posted on 27 Mar 2024

Our Member Solutions team is here to support members with Victorian Early Childhood Teachers and Educators Agreement (VECTEA) pro-rata annual leave and long service leave calculations for your payroll processing.  

Who is eligible for a pro-rata annual leave calculation?

Pro-rata annual leave and annual leave loading are only applicable for VECTEA employees who are employed under the 10-week leave model (Clause 36.3, VECTEA 2020).

Throughout the year pro-rata annual leave calculations should only be required if an employee is terminating.

Entitlement to be paid for term breaks

Employees on the 10 week leave model under VECTEA are entitled to be paid annual leave for all term break holidays. This includes employees who commenced after the beginning of the year and are continuing on.  For these employees’ pro rata adjustments are made at the end of the year or when the employee leaves if this is before the end of the year.

How to request a calculation

Members can request a calculation by logging into to the ELAA membership portal and completing the  Calculations – Early Learning Association Australia (elaa.org.au) form.

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