04 MarTimetable request for 2024 ThingleToodle sessions

Posted on 04 Mar 2024

ThingleToodle education session timetable requests for 2024 has opened. You can request a free ThingleToodle education session for funded four-year-old kindergarten groups if you have:

There are only 500 of these sessions available each year and not everyone can get a TT visit in the same year of their PD. If you don’t get the TT session in the same year as your PD, you are put up higher on the priority list. If you have participated in the PD and move to another service, you are still eligible to have the TT session in your new service. So, remember to let us know if you move services.

The sooner you can give us your timetables, the better.

Please complete THIS Form with your details.

The RSE team at ELAA is looking forward to another wonderful year of Starting out Safely Professional Development and TT sessions.

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