30 NovEmployment Taskforce in Treasury on The Employment White Paper

Posted on 30 Nov 2022

ELAA has lodged a submission to the Employment Taskforce in Treasury on The Employment White Paper. The White Paper builds on the outcomes from the Jobs and Skills Summit and ELAA has provided feedback to the Taskforce on the Terms of Reference relevant to the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector. The Terms of Reference for the White Paper will be used as a “roadmap” for Australia to build a bigger, better trained and more productive workforce. The ECEC sector has an ongoing issue with its workforce. As a female dominated care sector, the challenges presented to ECEC are often non-comparable to other sectors, which is why ELAA used this opportunity to advocate for achievable solutions. These included:  

  • incentivising Australians, especially women, to return to the workforce through greater access to affordable and high-quality early childhood education and care  
  • tackling the problem of ‘childcare deserts’  
  • removing barriers to ECEC for First Nations families and other vulnerable parts of the community posed by the child care subsidy activity test  
  • ensuring sustainable numbers of ECEC qualified teachers and educators by addressing pay, conditions, and professional support. 

To read our full submission, please CLICK HERE.

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